Volume 2 number 3 (05)


Pages 167-178

DOI 10.61552/JIBI.2024.03.005

ORCID Anurag Hazarika, Samikshya Madhukullya

Abstract: The study revolves around the issues of discrimination on the basis of gender along with the facets of the various causes that result in the hindrance of the equation as well as an empowered state of women working in several sectors in both the rural areas and the regions that belong to the tribal communities. The sector of construction is chosen in this study as it predominantly succumbs to the not only majority of male workers but is also centred on patriarchal notions of thinking as well as beliefs. The central aim of this research is to locate the discrimination that takes place on the basis of gender in the unorganised sectors. In order to formulate the study, the district of Sonitpur in the state of Assam is being chosen for the regulation of the investigation. Moreover, the objectives of the study are the location of the facets of the gender-discrimination, the socio-economic issues and the measures to mitigate the barriers, along with the correlation between the occupational scenario and the family issues evident in the lives of the women construction workers. In the study, the research philosophy, design and approach that have been chosen are positivism, descriptive and deductive, respectively. The survey is being conducted, and the data collection is taken as the primary technique while the tool of SPSS is taken in order to conduct the process of the analysis of collected data. The results that have been generated through the collection and the analysis of the primary data cater to the regulated objectives of the study. The data analysis brings forth the several issues that the female construction workers in the concerned district of the state face and how it impacts and curbs their livelihood pertaining to the social, domestic as well as economic conditions of living.

Keywords: Gender based discrimination, Informal Sector, Construction Sector, Challenges, Ways Forward.

Recieved: 04.11.2023. Revised: 28.12.2023. Accepted: 21.02.2024.

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