Volume 2 number 2 (04)


Pages 85-94

DOI 10.61552/JIBI.2024.02.004

ORCID Anurag Hazarika, Samikshya Madhukullya, Juri Gogoi Konwar

Abstract: With a focus on the Indian context, this paper explores the complex relationship between governance, policy creation, and climate change. Our study uses a mixed-methods approach and starts with a thorough analysis of the body of knowledge on India's governance systems, climate change policy, and related topics. We gather primary data from key stakeholders through surveys and interviews with them, as well as through secondary sources like academic journals and government papers, including representatives of civil society and environmental experts. The report examines India's climate change policies in-depth, evaluating their coherence, efficacy, and compliance with international obligations. In addition, we conduct case studies in several Indian states to find best practices and areas where policy implementation needs to be improved. In order to identify important lessons and methods that may be applied to India, comparative study of international experiences in climate governance is helpful. Engagement of stakeholders is a key element that offers priceless insights into the difficulties and opportunities involved in developing and implementing climate policies. To forecast the potential impact of various policy options on India's climate resilience and emissions reduction ambitions, scenario building exercises are used. By utilizing this reliable methodology, our research aims to advance knowledge of climate governance and policy formulation while providing detailed suggestions for improving India's climate governance framework and hastening the country's transition to sustainability and climate change resilience.

Keywords: Climate Change mitigation, Policy Implications, Policy Implementations, Ways ahead.

Recieved: 25.10.2023 Revised: 02.12.2023. Accepted: 12.12.2023

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